What a quarter! After 9 weeks on the road, I am finally back for a week. Sales were outstanding pretty much across the board. I got to meet many new people and renew acquaintances with a lot of folk I haven’t seen in quite some time. Kato track continues to sell well. The Spirit locomotive from Kato was probably the best selling item in the first quarter, with Broadway’s T-1’s and Rapido’s Turbo trains both proving popular. Scale Trains C39-8’s are also looking to be a strong seller; a bit surprising given their narrow road name choice. Kato has just started shipping the new ATSF passenger car sets, with F units and PA’s to follow shortly. As we have more time to work on the website, I hope to get a complete listing of the upcoming Kato American and Japanese items. Hopefully Norman can figure out how we can start taking preorders! He and Erika are just back from the 25th UK NTRAK meet in Bournemouth. From all I have heard, it was another tremendous convention. I am hoping to make a journey there shortly specifically to look for new products for the U.S. market. This is something I used to do once a year, but have been unable to do for many years. This could range from more white metal kits, to different scenery colors, to ???.

Cheers for now!



We have been very busy behind the scenes and have made signifigant progress so that we can work to please you, the customer, better. probably the biggest part of that is the website has entered it’s second version and actually has content now! we will of course continue to add more content and hope to update here more frequently so you can stay up on what is happening. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming! The Broadway T1’s we mentioned in our last post have been out for a while and are available from us, and Scale Trains have just announced their new Dash 9 in N-scale which is available with dcc and sound.

We will also be at a lot of train shows in the next few months as we will actually be splitting up into a west coast, and an east coast/central roadshow which will allow us to hit a lot more areas we normally couldn’t go to. Exiting train show season we will be boosting the stores inventory and you can expect a lot more items on the website as they come back from the road and can be filtered in!

Anyway, thats all for now and we hope to see many of you in the coming months at the shows!


What’s new? The beginnings of the website for one! Turbo Trains w/DCC and sound are in stock. T-1 Steam locomotives from Broadway Limited are inbound as we speak and should be here by Thanksgiving. The store is undergoing a major renovation with space for a layout, a significantly improved space for N scale, a play table, and more space for HO. Better ergonomics, and possibly a major increase in the number of plastic models that we carry.

First Additions is still growing, although much more slowly. A modern farm tractor with front end shovel and a combine harvester are both being considered. A larger forklift and a backhoe are also being considered.

I am still trying to figure out the jpegs on the website, so I apologize for the size variations!